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Stuart Frost


Stuart Frost is a skilled professional working in startups, whose entrepreneurial talents currently see him at the helm of several different businesses that he founded or is operating.

Predominantly in his career at the moment, Stuart is serving as Founder and CEO of his business, Avventura, LLC.

Stuart Frost attended the University of Nottingham in England, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Electronic and Computer Engineering. After graduation, he founded his own company – SELECT Software Tools – at 26 years old, leading the company into a highly successful NASDAQ IPO in 1996. He left the company near the end of 1998, when the business was seeing annual revenues around $30 million; the next year, Select was acquired by Princeton Softech. 

In 1999, Stuart Frost co-founded his next venture,, where he stayed for a year as CEO, providing investment research on small-cap companies. From there, he served as Chairman at Avellino, providing data cleansing services and tools to large database users throughout the United States and Europe. 

In 2003, Stuart Frost founded DATAllegro, a leading player within the data warehouse appliance market. Here, he served as CEO for five years, raising $64 million in venture capital and leading the acquisition by Microsoft. After the acquisition, he stayed on for two years with Microsoft, where he served as the GM for Data Warehousing, leading the $1 billion data warehousing product line. 

Stuart Frost founded Avventura Partners, LLC to incubate and develop his ideas for IoT startups within the industrial and healthcare sectors. Through Avventura, Stuart has conceptualized and actualized more than two dozen companies, most recently fostering connections in China and developing strategies for the Chinese market.

Alongside his current work in startups as CEO of Avventura, LLC, Stuart Frost has held a number of roles throughout his career – mostly worked in founder, Chairman, and CEO roles for other startups. From 2010 through today, Stuart Frost founded and held chair positions for numerous other startups, including MAANA and SWARM Engineering. Each business served a unique function in helping to advance developing areas of the tech industry. On top of that, he’s held – and currently holds – multiple chair positions across additional startups, including GenieDB, Cirro, SourceThought,, Sentrian Inc., and AdvisoryCloud (presently a freelance advisor). 

Outside of his busy career as an entrepreneur, Stuart Frost still finds time to enjoy his life and unwind with some hobbies. He’s an involved member of several charities and is passionate about giving back to his community. He works with the Shea Center, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Mission Hospital, Megan’s Wings, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Oceana. 

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