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Before the coronavirus pandemic resulted in forced lockdowns, remote work was already a rising trend with many companies. In fact, many job seekers were excited about the idea of working full-time from home and the freedom that would afford them. However, this concept was still in its infancy and, even now, needs to be fine-tuned. Even though the lockdowns forced most people to work from home or go on unemployment, there’s much improvement that needs to be implemented.

The primary reason working from home isn’t the paradise the vast majority envisioned is that it leads to loneliness and a lack of workplace bonding. In a traditional work environment, there’s a certain degree of socializing that takes place. While employers may have frowned upon too much fraternizing, those casual workplace conversations helped co-workers bond and understand one another. As a result, they worked better together.

Recognizing that their employees are now lacking this sense of camaraderie, employers have tried organizing social activities to bring their employees together. Even before social distancing affected how these activities brought workers together, it was difficult to bring everyone in on a company trip or an after-hours dinner party. The expense of these events prohibited doing them more than a few times a year, leaving remote workers alone in their own homes for the rest of the time.

The solution may be found in the latest tech advances. While augmented and virtual reality technology was initially invented to enhance video game playing, the technology is being adapted for multiple purposes. One use for this technology may be found in helping employees spend more time together. Without leaving their own homes, they can enter a virtual room in which they can socialize with their co-workers. This technology can also be used to help colleagues collaborate or to bring a team together for more productive meetings.

Even after a vaccine is available, work from home opportunities will continue to thrive, so the loneliness that accompanies remote working opportunities will continue to be an issue. As technology evolves in the future, we may find better ways to communicate and socialize without breaking lockdown mandates. The use of new tech can help employers provide their teams with a better work environment even when they’re working from their own homes.