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Losing a job is an extremely stressful situation, and it can leave you feeling defeated. As such, you will need time to grieve the loss of your professional identity. This will involve taking the time you need to accept the reality of your new situation without letting yourself become overrun with guilt. Instead, you should try to arrive at a place in which you feel ready to explore new opportunities. Once you do regain hope, these steps will help you rebuild your life.

Reach Out to Your Social Network
This is the best time to connect with friends who understand what you’re going through. Look for people who will listen without judging you. Even if they can’t offer practical solutions, their support will be enough to help you focus on the next steps to take. They may even know of opportunities that are ideal for you.

Focus on Your Health
Losing a job can often result in anxiety and depressive feelings, which makes it that much more important for you to focus on your health. People often put off changing their diets because they claim their lifestyle is too busy. You now have the time to eat healthier foods. Eat a plant-based diet, choose leaner cuts of meat, and switch to whole grains. Even snacks can be replaced with nuts, seeds, and fruits. You should also spend more time exercising. You can engage in a variety of different activities, such as cycling, tennis, or golf. Focusing on your physical health will also relieve stress, help regulate mood, and reinforce your positive emotional health.

Get Your Finances in Order
Once your grieving process is over, you’ll have to concentrate on returning to the workforce. Although you may have been receiving government benefits to help your financial situation temporarily, you should be considering your next move. Search for jobs daily and consider volunteering to get the type of experience you need to pursue a different career path. The labor offices in many cities offer free training to job seekers to help them develop new skills. Take advantage of any opportunity to help you start a new career path.

Finally, you should begin looking forward to realizing new dreams. Find something that you really want to do, and develop a strategy for achieving that goal. Even if it takes you time to achieve that dream, stay hopeful, and spend every day working towards that dream.